November 17th, 2011

daily life

On my way to the office...

This morning I went to the bus stop where I found the unusual long queue. In our area we have 2 kind of public transportation, the commuter train and the local bus and this mass of people waiting for bus meant that some trouble has happened with the railway and its passengers came to catch the bus instead. I was afraid that the coming bus might be jammed packed and decided to walk to the office.

This morning I woke up later than usual and it takes longer time to walk, I had to rather hurry!

The effort was rewarded though, I enjoyed the nice view of Mt.Fuji in the distance (it's the highest mountain in Japan and from our area only on fine days we can see it) from the hill and saw two cats on my way. One was clearly someone's pet with a fine coat of fur, another was waiting for something(maybe for breakfast?) outside the door of a small restaurant. Cute :)