August 6th, 2011


An overnight trip

Yesterday and the day before yesterday I took holidays and went away. My friend drove and we went to Nikko to see the famous shrine and temple, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though it's not too far from Tokyo and Yokohama I have been there just once before so I could enjoy to see the architectures of Tosho-gu Temple.
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The hottest day in Japan

Today, 6th August.
The day for praying peace - in other words the day the atomic bomb was used to destroy the living city for the first time ... ruined the whole city of Hiroshima 66 years ago.

Even now US government officially say it was necessary to end the war and save the soldiers and civilians of both of USA and Japan from being killed, I understand they cannot say in other way (but I wonder how many Americans know that just one bomb has killed more than 130,000 people?). But when we Japanese talk about Hiroshima, I believe most of us have no intention to blame USA nor to say Japan could escape from our own war-crime. We are just saying how cruel and against the humanity the nuclear weapon is, and we all human being must give up using, even having them in any country. Any small, single weapon could be cruel of course, but the hugeness of its power to destroy, its disregard for the dignity of man are beyond we can explain.
Here in Japan all the students have learned about the bombing to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in elementary school for almost three generations, this mutual knowledge has obviously made the part of Japanese attitude toward war and peace.

So we had believed that we knew the cruelty of nuclear best in the world but now... it seems that our country is killing our own people with radiation from Fukushima nuclear power plant. This is the most bitter 8/6 I've remembered.

There are so many things we have to know, we have to solve, even though they are too severe and seem to be impossible to fix. And these are not the problems only for us but for every human being in this world, we have to be lead-off ... for the victims of the atomic bomb in 1945, and the victims of nuke crisis in 2011, I just... pray.