July 17th, 2011


waiting for a rabbit

Yesterday(Saturday), and today(Sunday), I cleaned up my room, tidied some stuff and readied a cage - my late rabbit Mikebo's cage - for a new rabbit. The volunteer who has rescued small animals from the "must evacuate" area near the nuclear power plant in Fukushima is going to take one of their rabbits to my place tonight.

Frankly I'm still somewhat hesitating about having a new pet, feel a bit sorry for Mikebo. I know we can love any animals if we take care of them sincerely, and the rabbit needs a new home & owner after the rescue from his former home. So I'll try to do my best though I know well he could never be the replacement of Mikebo, should never be...

The rabbit's name is Uma because he's come from Minami-Souma City, Fukushima prefecture.