katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

days without electric power

Now the time of crisis for all of us Japanese, we all should be ready to do our duty, share some of the difficulties with hundreds of thousands of victims of great earthquake & Tsunami. But thinking something and doing are really different! The Japanese biggest power company decided rationing of power in Tokyo, Yokohama & nearby areas, it will start from early morning tomorrow! Without electric power how can we manage our lives? We need torch & dry cells, stove & paraffin oil, candle & matches... and at first I have to buy them! I believe most of... no, maybe all of our household appliances are useless without power.
I think I should have expected this and went to buy those items this weekend... but frankly I was so shocked about this disaster, could not afford to thinking about my own life from now on. This region-specific inconvenience was announced this evening, after the closing time of shops. Wasn't it a bit unkind??

But I decided not to complain...thinking of the people injured by this disaster, then we must be able to endure anything. Yes, anything.

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