katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

something I cannot understand...

Yesterday I ate out with my friend after work. It's Tuesday evening so there were not much customers in the restaurants. But when we left there I saw many young people were gathering, getting excited and screaming very noisily in front of the train station. I thought they might came from some big party and was drunken, but when I came home and checked the latest news I noticed they were pleased at the result of the soccer game of Japan VS Australia, at that Japanese team qualify for World Cup.

So I understand why they were so excited but I could not sympathized with them. I have no objection to their joy but I dislike those kind of mass excitement.

Though I'm not a sport fan I am willing to admit the great merit of sport. Good for our health, enjoyable to do, fun to see the professional sport games and the play of the top athletes are just amazing.
But as soon as they compete under the national flags the situation becomes too "political", I feel like that sport stimulates our inner chauvinism. Maybe the international sport games are the quasi-warfare more or less.

And it has always been hard for me to understand those enthusiastic mass... they lack individuality so much in their mutual joy and excitement, when TV reporter interview them what they answer is always too much alike. Such sameness somewhat frightens me...
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