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supper 2

After I posted the photo of my supper on Saturday I thought how I can explain those food in English... and found it's really difficult. Some materials do not even have the English name. Cooking is the most local, ethnic thing and we can never know them unless we try them. It means I don't know ... cannot even imagine about MOST of the delicious foods in this world except the ones I had had on my foreign travels. What a pity!

Anyway I try to explain these food X)  Though I think their taste would be quite different from what my Western friends would imagine.

1  boiled rice
2   pickled cabbage and cucumber
3  potato soup
4  seaweed and sliced cucumber in a vinegary sauce
5  sauted carrot
6  okra
7  sauted and simmered carrot and burdock
8  cod roe(grilled)
9  shredded cabbage and pan-broiled pork
10  grated radish
11  fried potatoes
12  fermented soybeans
13  fried eggplant
14  boiled and seasoned potatoes, pork, onion and carrot
15  Japanese pepper flavored Miso
16  tofu
17  cooked sweet potatoes
18  boiled asparagus
19  omelette
20  miso soup with pieces pf eggplant

As you see some of the foods are not Japanese traditional, our daily food is a bit international these days :)
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