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In a cafe

Sometimes when my refrigerator happens to be empty or I don't want to prepare the food I have breakfast in a small cafe near the train station. It's not a particularly smart place, just one of the common coffee franchise which serves coffee and hot dog at reasonable price. We can find a cafe of that chain in any town here - the same signboard, the same interior design, the same food and same price - like McDonald's or Starbucks. But the staff who works there varies each other.

The nearest train station from my house is not big therefore this cafe in front of it is not so busy like the ones near the railway terminal, but in the morning most of the customers are businessperson who are on their way to the office so the quick service is most adequate.
Here one of the staffs always attracts me. He is a young man rather of small stature, always works very briskly with pleasant smile on his face. During his busy task of preparing foods or taking money & giving change he sees what the customers want very well, if this shop was in USA he'd earn a big amount of tips I think, I've always appreciated his professional attitude.

This morning when I was eating in this cafe I saw one of the staffs mistook an order of a customer, made a different food. The customer didn't get angry but embarrassed. Then, the young man said the customer that he'd prepare the proper food and bring it to his table soon, actually he made it amazingly quickly. He apologized the customer, declined very politely when the customer was going to pay the difference, and I heard he told the girl who'd made mistake that it's not problem. All of his doing was quick and professional, I felt good to witness this small event.

Serving in this kind of cafe is not the job which is considered to be a very good social position, their salary might not be high. Still they could be a real professional like him and people who does his job smartly and pleasantly make other people feel good.
We tend to forget how good it is that having the ordinary but decent workers around us. But each small roles are equally important in this whole society. It's good to remember it sometimes :)

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Today it's a fine day with blue sky and fresh air. On lunchtime I again went to the Indian restaurant, alone this time, enjoyed a brief release from the office atmosphere.
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