katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

If we were reborn

If we were reborn, in which ethnic group would you like to be born?
Today in our easy chat one of my co-workers asked me. She said she'd like to be a white for they look "cool" than the  yellow-skinned race.

If I were reborn? And in another race? I have never thought about it.

As for the place and age to be born, yeah, I think it's important, and it's fun to think where and when is good for me. Also I have wished many times that I were born with the better brain or beautiful face.
But never though about the race, I cannot imagine myself as a white or black, maybe it's because I don't know enough about them?

So how do you think? If you were reborn in another ethnic group, which group do you choose?
Tags: thought

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