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I remember how I scared when I first learned what kind of thing tornado - "Tatsumaki" in Japanese - is as a child. An image of the huge rotating column of dark air, destroying the houses and woods and everything was so scaring that I sometimes had a nightmare of them. Later I learned that tornado is not a very common disaster here and felt really relieved.

So, the horrible news of the tornadoes in Oklahoma, USA frightened me and I'm so sorry for the loss of the life. Killing almost 100 people ... it must be horribly big & strong tornado. Someone said that the sight of the damaged area looked like the sight of Tohoku just after the 3.11 Tsunami in 2011 very much. The children killed in the school reminded us of the children of Ookasa elementary school in Ishinomaki, Tohoku, 70 % of its students were killed or missing by the Tsunami.

Even today when we have these countless marvelous technologies, each of us human being is so helpless against the great power of nature, before the fury of it there is no differences of our nationalities or races.

I just pray for the victims...
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