katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Do you dream?

Do you dream often?

Usually I seldom do, or don't remember I did. But recently I often dream in the early morning and remember the part of it, even on s nap on lunchtime today I dreamed something ... uncomfortable.
As for the sleep at night, I often dream and wake in the midst of it, mostly very early morning then I go to toilet or take a sip of water then back to sleep. Maybe because of this interruption I can't sleep well (or I dream & wake up because I don't sleep well?), when I wake up again in the morning I often feel very tired. This tiredness and uncomfortable sleepiness continue even in the daytime when I should work hard (and of course I can't work well with such vagueness).

This awakening happens because of the physical or mental tiredness? or is there any problem with my meals?
This condition doesn't give me any pain, but very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Lately I try to go to bed earlier than usual still can not help wakening in the early morning.

Feel really groggy...
Tags: daily life

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