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old newspaper

When I cleared my grandparents' rooms I found many old newspapers which had been laid on the floor of closets or on the bottom of drawers. These are the parts of them. It says " War or peace? The last moment ! ", the article is about Munich Agreement and Nazi Germany's annexation of "The Sudetenland" of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

I knew it as the past event, part of history, and maybe we can see the then news paper articles in the library anytime.  But these newspapers I found in my own house mean my grandparents had lived those era, heard about the news as the event on the move. They makes me think many things.

I think in 1938 the Japanese social situation for ordinary people was not so bad, the war was not so close to them yet though Empire of Japan have already fought against China then.
I hope there will never come the time when our descendant talk about our age as the temporary peacetime before the war, also hope there will come the time when Syrian or Palestine people talk about the present terrible day as a part of the history...
Tags: daily life, thought

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