katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

An operation.

Today one of my friends had an operation.

He is the husband of my good friend, now in his late forties. He has once suffered from cancer in his thirties, so his wife(my friend) was really nervous about this operation though he had recovered completely then and this time they were told it might be some benign tumor in the gallbladder. This morning she sent me some funny e-mails joking about his op from the hospital but I knew she was really worrying about it.

Fortunately it seems the op finished soon with no trouble, doctors didn't find any worse focus.

So I just hope his quick recovery, and at the same time I cannot help but thinking that now we are in the age where everyone has some physical problems more or less XD

Actually I went to see an orthopedic surgeon yesterday for I have had some pain in my knee and foot. It's not serious but I felt rather dejected to find such trouble on my foot X(
Tags: daily life, thought

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