katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

busy Saturday

Today again it's a chilly day. I still had sore throat but better than yesterday, I got the medicines, wore 2 sweaters, neck warmer and cotton mask then worked all day! Next weekend the secondhand dealers will visit us and I'll have to show them the things we'd like to sell, so today I moved some old furniture and many old books from the shed. The job made a good progress and I didn't feel sick at all but now in the evening I'm going to sleep earlier than usual.

引出付きテーブルs 古靴箱s
(The old sewing machine which my grandfather had brought back from Germany in early 1920's. Now it's broken and we have newer machine, but I'm not sure yet if I would sell it or keep it because I think this old machine is really beautiful.)

And while I was working in the shed in the garden Mr.Uma was free by himself in the heated room... XD
uma relax s 0330
(Where are your forefeet??)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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