katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

blue sky and the favorite book.

After several mild days during which I have felt spring is coming soon, today it is cold again, in the morning I saw many frost columns on the ground. But the weather is clear, I see no cloud in the beautiful blue sky. The silhouette of trees are so vivid, the bright sunshine seems be full of all the hope of the coming spring.

I know from where this good feeling has come. Before I left home this morning I read some passages from my favorite book, R.L.Stevenson's "An Inland Voyage". Those beautiful sentences is what I have loved all my life, they make me feel better and positive. Despite my physical tiredness from lack of sleep and gloomy feeling about my job situation at this moment, It still can make me believe something good, think about my friends, remember my greatest travel days...

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