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pollinosis season

After a long, very cold winter recently it's becoming warm. Today the temperature is oddly high for March, they said it's the temperature of May.
This spring air makes us high-spirited but a suden change of climate somehow impacted our body and also, this warm air brings enormous amounts of pollen from some kind of trees.

Now they say one in four Japanese suffers from pollinosis (hay fever) especially in spring, some call it the "national malady". In this season every morning the weather news forecast the count of pollen and many people wear flu masks whenever they go out. I don't have serious pollen allergy but wear a mask last couple of days because without it I can't stop sneezing. With this mask which covers my nose and mouth and protect my throat from dry air I can feel comfortable but at the same time it makes me feel muddle-headed as if I catch a cold. Maybe this muddled condition is just from the lack of sleep or tiredness, I'm not sure. Anyway I couldn't think clearly at all today...
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