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Some problem

When I plan a foreign travel most of time I have particular purpose to see something or visit somewhere which has some special meaning to me so I like traveling by myself to use my time fully. But as for the domestic travel mostly I do it to relax or "enjoy" so I often travel with my friends. Though at present I'm terribly busy and have no time to go out, or maybe because I'm too busy now, I often dream of a short domestic travel to relax... hot spring, or strolling on a quiet beach, visiting an aquarium, eating out and browsing about nice shops, going for a drive in beautiful landscape etc etc...

I have done this kind of travel twice or 3 times a year until recently for luckily I have some friends who also like those kind of things. But in the last few years it seems to have become more difficult than before. We got older and the economy became terrible, many of us become busier and some friends now cannot afford to pay for the holiday trip.

My best friend is always the best person with whom I go for a relaxing holiday trip but it's not easy for her to take holidays from her office job in a small firm or spend much money, she is a housewife with a job outside the home and has to keep money for her household. We always talk about our "next holiday" but it's not so often as we hope that our holiday plan comes true. (Incidentally her husband is also an enjoyable person to go out with and we three have traveled together sometimes in the past but now he is always terribly busy with his job. He is a governmental official and almost everyday he comes home nearly midnight. Really, a typical Japanese office worker!)

I have another friend who is kindly always positive about traveling with me. She is a single business woman and has enough time and money for holiday trip, enough time flexibility to take off from her job, kind heart and decent intelligence, lively interest in sightseeing, food, shopping and everything, and she can drive. So she is almost a perfect person to travel with ...except the fact that her snoring is terrible... after some travels with her during the last couple of years now the idea of sleeping next to her just horrifies me X(

Anyway, like this, it's not easy to find time and a companion for a short holiday trip. I miss the days when I was younger and less sensitive to the noise, had more time and less responsibility, though had less money and experience...
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