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get busier, then less gentler...

The events on the last Saturday and Sunday...
On Saturday: the usual cleaning of my rooms and washing, displaying the Hina doll, clearing the mess from my late-aunt's kitchen and made many bags of garbage( which I had to bring to the nearest garbage-collecting place on this - Monday - morning ), meeting with the architect who visited us and showed us the new floor plan of our new house in the afternoon, talking about the plan with my mother until midnight.
On Sunday: another clearing up the mess, doing the editing job on my lap on the train going to Tokyo, visiting Shinjuku Gyoen garden with my friends, again talking about the new house with my mother after dinner and e-mailed our request to the architect, also e-mailed some job data to the person who asked me the job ... of course it was midnight when I finished them all.

The main reason of my recent busyness and tiredness is that I have to clear up the all things in our house till our house-rebuilding project(construction) will start in the coming spring, and in our big house there remains countless junk my grandparents, my father, my aunt had left, containing furniture, broken appliances, kitchen utensils and carpenters' tools, pottery and glass, old toys, books and papers, clothes, mattresses, ...every conceivable things which ordinary family can own. And at the same time of course we have to do many troublesome paperwork related to the death of my father and aunt, and making the plan of our new house itself is an enjoyable but very difficult task.

I know it's rather fortunate to have many things to do than have nothing, but at present I feel it's too much for me (@_@).
Because of these stresses of being pressed for time recently I can't stop eating chocolate and I'm really afraid I have gained a lot of weight X(

Also I found myself being quite intolerant of other people. Any of my friends has their own shortcomings like I do, one is always a bit bossy and other is a bit thick-skinned or too talkative etc, still they have many good qualities I adore so we have been friends each other for years. But lately I often found that their characters irritated me badly, I also can not be patient even with my mother in the evening of the workday. Recently we talk each other very often about our new house and when our opinions are not same and have to discuss the points sometimes we become in a bad mood - not always, fortunately. And I know my mother is also tired with the "cleaning" in the house. I think we should have rest sometimes but it's quite difficult with the things waiting for our "clearing up" in front of us XD

"be kind to me..."
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