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Today in the office a co-worker gave me some pieces of chocolate he bought in Mexico. He has just returned from his holiday in Cancun, spent a week in a nice big hotel on the beach. It's his wife's favorite place and it was their 3rd stay there, the beach was very beautiful, he said. Usually I don't have much interest in a big and expensive resort, ...but Cancun, Caribbean Sea! It's a magic name for a fan of seagoing stories. He really made me want to travel to somewhere...
But at present I have no plan of foreign travel, this year my house-rebuilding project takes top priority of course and ...therefore cleaning up the rooms and closets first X(

Maybe I'll think of some small domestic trip in near future - maybe 2-day outing to a hot spring or something.

(Small sweets one of co-worker also gave me today, which she bought on her weekend trip. Do you see they are designed like rabbits?)

*Omiyage : A Japanese word which mostly means edibles which people buy on their travels to be shared with their co-workers or neighbours.
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