katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

first snow

Monday, national holiday.
The weather forecast has warned cold, heavy rain since last weekend. It began raining late last night then around 9 o'clock this morning it turned into snow. Out first snow this winter.

I though it would soon stop but now after 1 hour it's still snowing.

Fortunately I'm home now and have no business to go out today but my mother is out. She is over 70 and sometimes teeters so I'm a bit worrying about her.

...and it's still snowing in the afternoon. Many public transportation stopped.
(Outside of my door. Our neighbour is removing snow from his doorway.)

(This is my kumquat tree in our garden. I'm afraid this snow would kill the fruits which are now turning yellow...)

(Small snowman I made :P )

Tags: daily life

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