katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

dinner in Tokyo? ummm...

I live and work in Yokohama which is one of the biggest cities in Japan. It has a population of nearly 3,700,000, and we have many office buildings, smart shopping areas, museums and concert halls, sightseeing spots etc. But compared to Tokyo it's like a mere local town. For most of my friends work in Tokyo sometimes I go to Tokyo to meet and dine with them, it's just about 30 - 40 minutes train ride from Yokohama to Tokyo.

I'm afraid I've become more "homebody" recently. Or at least very local person... I like going out within Yokohama area which I know well and feel comfortable at, but visiting Tokyo area sounds very troublesome to me lately, whenever I go there I feel uneasy and tired, maybe because Tokyo is too big for me and things are too busy there.

Now in the new year one of my friends (who lives and works in Tokyo) suggests that she, I and some other friends are having the new year gathering at some nice restaurants near Tokyo station within January. Meeting with friends sounds nice but when thinking of going to Tokyo station after work I feel very reluctant, now I'm not sure how I should reply to her suggestion. Art exhibition or good movie would attract me even if they are held in Tokyo but mere meal and chatting wouldn't, I know I am never a gourmet...
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