katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Mr.Uma's small excursion ??

Because Mr.Uma is rather a nervous rabbit and he never let me hold him, except some visits to the vet he has been always in my small house, and never been to our main house (I live in a small detached building) since his arrival at our place.
On the New Year Day we took pictures of all of the members of our family together (it has been our annual event of many years) and my niece insisted that we should include Mr.Uma in that family picture. So I put Mr.Uma into the pet carrying bag and took him to the main house for the first time. The room there was not his territory, unfamiliar place for him so he was very timid there, therefore we could keep him still while we were taking pictures!! Hurrah!

So now I have the proof of Mr.Uma's existence with all of us :)

(My nephew and Mr.Uma in our main house)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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