katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Empty Cradles

When I feel tired, sad, empty and helpless, sometimes, reading or watching the very serious, sad, but sincere & good book or film could be some refuge for me. Maybe being moved by them could be a kind of sublimation from my own dismay and despair.

In May I saw "Oranges and Sunshine", a movie featuring on the cruel relocation of tens of thousands of children from Britain to Australia and other countries and was deeply moved. And today finally I've read the book on which the film has been based, "Empty Cradles" by Margaret Hunphreys.

It's not an entertaining book, not at all. Very serious, sad story about the most cruel, shameful event on the modern history. It literally made me cry. Still it somehow gave me the feeling of purification, ...escape from my deep depression.
Tags: book, thought

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