katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Mr.Uma's condition

This morning, before going to the office, I finally took Mr.Uma to the vet. His condition was not so bad, he has eaten well and pooped so so, but his droppings didn't seem much healthy and sometimes he seemed to feel sick. This morning he was fine, running around in my room but just in case I decided to ask the vet's opinion. So I pushed him into the pet carry bag and took the local bus.

The vet said his teeth had grown a bit but his condition was not serious, he would examine Uma's poop just in case. And he gave me some medicine and advice that I should try to make him eat dried hay and to use the heater to keep the room temperature because the cold was not good for rabbits' health. Around 24 degrees was appropriate, the vet said.

24 degrees in Dec? I don't heat my room in such temperature even for myself! What a spoiled rabbit :(

Anyway, I took Mr.Uma home again, turned the heater on, closed the door of his cage and went to work. At least I can feel a bit easier about him now...
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