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the election

Today after work I went to the local ward office to cast an absentee ballot for the members of th Diet. The polling day is the coming Sunday but I'd like to finish it when I can. There were many other people there for this national election is very important one and our great concern at present. But it's really difficult to decide for which party we should vote, any party seems very... inappropriate to be the government party X(  
Many people around me say there is no party nor candidate whom they want to vote for, whom they can trust. Really this is the choice of which is the least unsatisfactory (sigh). Still I do never want to abstain from voting, it's something I have never done since I got the franchise when I became 20.
It seems with this election we'd have the change of government and the party I hate would take power (so they say). Well... I can't help it. But I feel our political situation is becoming worse and worse recently, I'm really afraid of that I'd have to see the amendment of our precious peace Constitution in near future. When people forget the tragedy of the War we sense the approach of a new war...
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