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Are we all guilty?

For the lover of Treasure Island and Hornblower series, the stories of pirates, sailing ships and Royal Navy, "The West Indies" is a enchanting dream name. Though in reality they are the poor countries in the most severe economical and political situation, I still have longed for visiting there some day.

Now one of those islands, its people are suffering from the cruelest, the most terrible disaster - and what should I, could I do for it as one of the human being? Make donation to the Red Cross or MSF, that's all?
I know this restlessness is maybe just a sentiment, and sentiment is no use. But this kind of disaster in such politically poor country takes on an aspect of totally man-made calamity. Who, for God's sake, is responsible for these miserable situation?

As citizens of so-called "developed country" we are given a well-off lives - comfortable place to live, clean office & not bad job, plenty to eat & drink, ...safety and choice of life. And I know that "every mouthful we put in our belly has been wrenched out of the fingers of the hungry".(R.L.Stevenson "An Inland Voyage")

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