katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

hurrying breakfast

My ideal hour of rising on workday is 6 a.m. If I get up then I have enough time to wash my face, clean Mr.Uma's toilet and feed him, make my packed lunch, have breakfast and put on makeup before leaving home for work.

But now in the winter the sun rises late - at present around 6:30a.m. - and it's difficult to get up before dawn. I set an alarm clock for 6 o'clock every day but it's still dark and chilly at that time, recently I often oversleep X(

This morning I again overslept... it's already around 7 a.m. when I got up, and on Friday I have to take out the garbage. The garbage truck comes to our area around 8 a.m. (it doesn't come in front of our house, the garbage collection point is 2 minutes walk from here) so I gave up having breakfast at home. I can have it in a small cafe near the train station but it's a hurrying bite so I prefer eating at home, but today I had no choice.

I long for the proper breakfast very much... nice meal, relaxed atmosphere and NO HURRY.  But it's just a dream on my daily life, I often want to travel just for such breakfast in a nice hotel... X)
Tags: daily life

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