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yellow leaves

After chilly & gloomy days it's fine this morning, so I left my house earlier and took the local bus to go for a short walk in my favorite area in Yokohama, near the waterfront park.


In the end of Nov and the beginning of Dec the rows of ginkgo trees turn yellow and I like them very much. I found the yellow leaves has begun falling now, still they were beautiful in the morning sunshine.


But we have to be careful when we walk along the ginkgo trees at this time of the year... female ginkgo trees drop many nuts which are very stink and ...trampling on them means nightmare XD

Anyway I enjoyed walking for about 30 minutes then took train to go to the office. Good start of working day!

(In the left photo beyond the roses and lawn you can see Hikawa-Maru, the retired old ocean liner now berthed at Yokohama permanently.)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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