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A weekend cruise - Sunday

The next day, 18th Nov, Sunday.

(Beach of Matsuzaki. View from the hotel room)

It was a bright morning but still the waves were high, we decided to depart rather late to wait for the waves to subside a little. So in the morning we strolled around the small town of Matsuzaki where we could see some beautiful old houses, a museum and a temple.

old house on canal s
(An old house on a canal)

old house s
(Originally this house was used as a store. I loved its traditional style interior.)

port s
(We moored the yacht to the small port of Matsuzaki.)

yacht s

Around noon our yacht left there, it was fine and we all applied sunscreen lotion to our faces. With mild sunshine it was comfortable being on the water but the sea was still rough, I took a medicine to prevent sea sickness.
This time I was sitting on a small high stand at the end of the deck from where I could see well how the surface of the sea rose and fell. It's a bit fearful to see how high the top of the waves seemed when we were on the lower parts of them, sometimes our yacht listed dangerously and high waves broke on the bow. But the captain was quite self-possessed and I just tried to concentrate on the movement of the waves to move myself with the hull to prevent the sea-sickness. And because I was so busy to do it that I didn't think much, I was just seeing the waves and blue sky. When we were on the higher part of the wave I could see the distant land, and when we were on the lower part I could not see anything but waves all around us. They seemed like living thing, moving and dancing on their own thought, never cared about a small yacht on them.

wave s

On this cruise we could see the top of Mt.Fuji - white with snow - above the low white clouds far away. Though it was fine there were no other ships nor birds near us, it's an unfamiliarly uneasy but independent feeling to be there, in the middle of water by ourselves. It was very quiet except the noise of the engine, once the captain turned off the engine and let the yacht sail just with the wind. It's wonderful to feel that we were running just with wind power, I felt that I could imagine how had the sailors felt in old days on their sailing ships...

sail s

During the last 2 hours the rough wind has calmed down, our cruise was quite comfortable. We enjoyed the picnic on deck, and when the captain trimmed the sails we passengers helped pulling the ropes.
Just on 5pm the yacht arrived at the marina of Simizu. Before entering the port we saw beautiful sunset.

sunset s

So... this was the story of my weekend cruise on Suruga-Bay. I could say it's a very memorable experience, and though I suffered from the sea-sickness I think I wouldn't deny the next opportunity for cruising :)

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