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Treasure Island illustration

Now the autumn deepens, the air is rather chilly in the early morning. In our garden my favorite flower, Toad lilies are in the bloom again.

Today after work I forced the energy out of myself and went to Ginza. Ginza is the most fashionable and most sophisticated (therefore most expensive) shopping area in Tokyo(hence in Japan), on its streets the show windows of the department stores are smart and artistic and we can find any of the big-name fashion brands' shops. But it's too big and too sophisticated town to my taste so I always feel uncomfortale there. So I just walked directly to my destination from the train station!

My destination was a bookshop. They holds a small exhibition of the original illustrations for "Treasure Island" by a famous Japanese illustrator. Those illustrations were not big but excellent, far more wonderful than the printed ones on the book. I also liked the quiet atmosphere of the bookshop.
After enjoying seeing them for 30 minutes I took a train again and returned directly to Yokohama - about 1 hour train ride(there and back)- but it's an enjoyable evening.

(I saw the original illustrations of them.)

(I also saw the original of this. This one was quite wonderful!)

Tags: book, daily life

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