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rereading the news letters

Today I went to some neighbouring shop to make photocopies. On my travel to USA in Sep I promised my American friend sending him the photocopies of the Stevenson Club news letters I have.
For years I have belonged to the club which is dedicated to the Scottish author R.L.Stevenson, and about twice a year the club send the news letter to the members from Edinburgh. My American friend is a staff of American Stevenson Society and the curator of Stevenson Museum so naturally he is interested in the news letters of the club.

So I took out all the news letters from the files to make photocopies, and reread some of the articles. And noticed that I got the first one about 17 years ago. Usually I don't think about how long I've been the member of the club so this was a... kind of surprise. During these years the main members of the club has changed, some older people had passed away - some of them were my friends -, the club has had many kind of activities like the meeting, party, excursion, competition etc. As a foreign member (the headquarters of the club is in Edinburgh, Scotland) I can't afford to attend to the most of activities but sometimes... once for 2 or 3 years... I have tried to join them on the official trip or outing of the club. Those outings with other members - most of them are British, sometimes American or French - were the precious opportunity for me to communicate with & understand the people from the totally different cultural background.

Seeing the old news letters and remembering my experiences ... I felt some... kind of deep emotion, and feel the gratitude for the fortune which had made me a fan of this Scottish author over 30 years ago.
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