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2 day trip to Hakone

In the afternoon of the day before yesterday I met Rie, my friend lives in Hokkaido and now visiting our area. We took an express train going to Hakone, the popular resort area on highland, famous for its hot springs etc.

We stayed in a nice small hotel on hillside, their food was excellent. We enjoyed eating, chatting and the hot spring :) Yesterday morning, the air of the highland was fresh and we could enjoy the view of mountains from the hotel terrace.

(The small white thing on the mountain ridge on the right is the top of Mt.Fuji)



We took a local bus to go to the field of Japanese pampas grass, the hill covered with silver ears of them was just beautiful!

Then went to the Venetian Glass Museum which owns the fine collection of antique and modern glass art, also famous for its nice garden.

(the garden of the Glass Museum. Some of the garden "plants" were made of glass!)

(The real plants in their garden were also beautiful)

We took aerial cableway to visit Owakudani, the volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs, one of the most popular tourist sites in Hakone.
(the kitten we met in Owakudani. "mew...smells sulfur...")

Then went to the shore of Ashinoko lake, took a sightseeing cruise across the lake. The cruise ships there were famous for their decoration looks like the medieval sailing vessels... how do you think??? XD
ship s

(On its deck there were the captain and the pirate!)

On the lake we passed another cruise ship... it was named "Victory" (the ship we took was "La royale"), modeled on HMS Victory in England, they say. It doesn't seem to be a glorious ship which has triumphed at the Battle of Trafalgar XD
victory2 s

Fortunately we had fine weather all day, enjoyed the hot spring and the nice lodging, nature view, museum, various vehicles(bus, mountain railway, cablecar, ropeway, sightseeing ship) and talking much! It was a great reunion :D

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