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a calendar

Yesterday I got the calendar I have ordered via internet. It's handmade by Ms.Mayo who runs a very nice website focuses on her rabbits-rescue activities.


She takes care of the abandoned rabbits - sometimes rabbits with physical problems - and introduces them on her website to find the new owners. She began it after the disaster and the nuke crisis in March 2011 with taking charge of a pregnant rabbit rescued in Fukushima - my sister's rabbit Tsuku is one of her 8 children - and since then Ms.Mayo looked after nearly 20 rabbits & found the new owners for most of them just in 1 & half year.
I'm not personally acquainted with Ms.Mayo but like to visit her website very much, always admire her nicest pictures, loving words for the rabbits and sincerity in her activity.

This calendar is what Ms.Mayo produces to raise money for the surgery of the rabbits, contains the lovely pictures of the rabbits she has taken cake of. They are so cute and the calendar is well worth the money I paid.



I like her "handmade" efforts, it shows little - how can I say in English? - the questionableness, hypocrisy or narcissism which most of the charities often have. The best thing is we can have the sympathy of rabbit-owners or rabbit-lovers through her website or her activity.
And of course without Ms.Mayo's effort Tsuku has never come to my sister's place and Mr.Uma would have never be able to meet her XD

Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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