katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Frost columns.

Recently we have had very cold days. Despite the bright sunshine in the daytime the air is icy, in the morning frost has settled on the ground and the surface of water pot froze in our garden.
This morning I saw the schoolboys walking on the border of the pavement, enjoyed crunching frost columns. I, too, used to love walking on frost columns when I was a small child, liked the sound and feel of them under my soles- frankly, I still like.

And I think when I was a child it was colder in winter. I checked the size of frost columns every morning, sometimes we had much snow & enjoyed snowball fight and sometimes I had chilblains on my toes. With insufficient heaters in buildings and trains we wore thick coats and woollies. That was the life in winter, and it was not bad.

Now we seldom have snow here, frost columns are not so common- precisely there are not many grounds in big city -, and in the air-conditioned office young women work with short sleeves.
The winter life seems become easier now, still, I'm afraid we might have lost something...

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