katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Autumn air, and one step forward

This morning I suddenly noticed that the autumn has come.

After the unstable weather recently - we have had some vary heavy rain and thunder during the last few days - today was a bright, sunny day. The sunshine was still strong but the air contained some pleasantness and subtle sweet smell, I know now it is autumn despite this - still -high temperature.

I've been tired and felt uneasy last few days - maybe the tiredness after the long hot summer, and undoubtedly the terrible job situation caused some mental fatigue. That might be why I was bathed in tears this morning when I read the entry in my friend's web journal telling her kitten has unexpectedly died. But this sensitiveness is also something this season has brought to me, I feel. For autumn is the time of mental activities - thinking, remembering and feeling...

And I know despite this tiredness, all the sorrow of life still we have to go, we have to do what we should do. We can never lose what we don't possess so if we feel the regret for the time we couldn't make good use of, or the sadness of some loss ... maybe it means some of our wealth. The sorrow is the part of our happiness, or at least the evidence of what we were given.

So... let's do what I need to do. Today I left my office early and went to see an architect to talk about the rebuilding of my house with my mother. Now after the death of my father we decided to build a new house instead of 2 old houses we live in now. After talking with the architect for about 2 hours we decided to ask him to build our house. Let's see how this would work...
Tags: daily life, project, thought

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