katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

family meeting

Today my sister is visiting us here to talk about the inheritance. My father had not had much property unfortunately XD still we have something we need to consult about.

It takes hours to visit my sister's home in Tokyo or come here from there, she has a full-time job and 3 children therefore she is very busy usually, we don't have much opportunity to meet and enough time to talk with. So it's good to have the whole afternoon and evening without her husband & children, we could talk about many things today. About our house, about summer holidays, about my friends, about her children etc.

Though usually I don't talk to her often - I call or e-mail her less than once for a month - still sisters are sisters, I can talk to her very easily. She gave me good advice or hints for my "house building project" so I hope I would be able to advance it in near future...
Tags: daily life, project

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