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Busy day

I have come home just 1 hour before. Today we visited our family grave in Suwa City, Nagano prefecture, about 3 & half hour train travel from here. Suwa was my late-grandfather's home town, so, though there lives no relatives there now our family temple & grave are still there. It's too far to visit often but our grave is in the nice location, on the hillside from where we can look down the lake, mountains and small town.
There we placed the ashes of my father's in the grave while the Buddhist priest recited a sutra, this was the important part of the funeral ceremonies.

To go there this morning I woke up very early and left my house about 5:30am to catch the train. As for the return trip I came home by car with my sister's family, but today is Saturday in summer holiday season so there was a traffic jam around Tokyo, it's the longer journey than my train ride in the morning. Tired... (@_@)
Tags: travel/going out

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