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The white flowers in our garden... I don't know its name, who has planted it not when, anyway I have loved to see them last few days.

By the way, today I came home from the office earlier than usual. I take care of my sister's rabbit Tsuku for today & tonight.

This time my sister took her here in her own cage. My room is basically Mr.Uma's territory so at first I have kept Tsuku in her cage while Mr.Uma was free in the room.
うまつくincage s

Then I set the fence and open the door of her cage. Both of them were really excited, especially Mr.Uma was. He is usually very gentle rabbit but this evening he was running in the room! They sniffed each other with the fence between them, they looked so cute!

But... when I tried to clean Tsuku's toilet and cage... it's a mess!! Tsuku was running on my knees, wanted to jump in the cupboard etc. Now I know she is not only very lively bunny but also rather naughty girl... X(
And I fully realized what a good boy Mr.Uma was.. XD

Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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