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the summer flavour

I couldn't find the English equivalent of Myoga in my dictionary, Wikipedia says it is a native of Japan and Korea. So... how can I explain this edible plant in English??

This is a photo of our Myoga but what we eat is not its leaves but its flower buds which we can find on the ground (they grow directly from the roots) in summer. It is a kind of... spice or relish, we often shred and eat them with many kind of Japanese cuisine, in every greengrocery you can buy them at reasonable price in this season.
It's a plant which prefer the shade, we have a bush of Myoga at the edge of our garden. But we are so bad at gardening, give them no fertilizer or other care so we have just a little harvest, usually I get them in the store, not from the garden X(

But today, luckily I found some flower buds on the ground!

They are smaller than the ones which I get in the store but very fresh, so tasted wonderful - we shredded and ate them in miso soup this evening. This is also one of our summer delights!
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