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some photos of fireworks!

It was sunny, hot day today again. Blue blue sky, white clouds, and the heat! Recently I can't help leaving the air-conditioning of my room turning on during my absence (daytime) for Mr.Uma.

(the west view from my office window - 9th floor)

So... it is mid-summer!
Last night I and mother, with other 190,000 people, enjoyed the big - about 15,000 - fireworks display on the waterfront. The event was beautifully planned, the last half of the fireworks were launched to the grand classical music.

Traditionally we don't play music when we enjoy fireworks for we enjoy their colour, big sound, shock wave, ...and the silence between the explosions. But last night's music & fireworks were wonderfully harmonised, we really enjoyed the great show.

I put some photos I took last night.

And I found the video on YouTube. Around 3:58 you may recognise Dvořák's "From the New World".

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