katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A drive to the Pacific

Yesterday (after watching the opening ceremony of Olympics) I went for a drive in my friend's car. We headed for Chiba Prefecture via Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway - 9.6 km tunnel underneath the bay and 4.4 km bridge.

(At the artificial island which is the bridge-tunnel crossover point. This is on Tokyo Bay.)

In Chiba prefecture we went to the south end of Boso peninsula which is the eastern edge of Tokyo Bay - it means from the east & south coast of the peninsula we could see the Pacific Ocean.

pacific ocean! s

At the southern tip of the Peninsula we visited the old lighthouse, strolled on the rocky coast around it. It was a sunny and very hot day, still we enjoyed the beautiful sea colour and the salty wind from the ocean.

On our way back my friend drove on the local road, and in some small town we passed a parade of the local summer festival. They seemed to be very local, old style and peaceful.

(I took this photo from behind of the windscreen of the car)

I don't drive so this was a rare opportunity for me to enjoy a drive (thanks to my kind friend!). Being on the coast on sunny summer day was really enjoyable.

Tags: travel/going out

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