katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Olympic games

I have just watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.
I'm n not a sport fan and have far less interests in it than most of the people would have. Especially as for the opening ceremony it always seems to me to be too spectacle and waste of huge amount of money when many people are starving to death. But I like seeing the entrance of athletes, it shows us various faces from various races, various flags and names of the nations and districts. I like thinking of on which area of this earth those unfamiliar countries locate before the TV announcer introduce them. It tells us how many countries, people and culture exist in this world, and that in each area people live like we do, laugh very much like we do. And makes me think of their happiness and troubles, feel sympathy with them even for some minutes.
So I spend my precious 2 hours in the Saturday morning to see the people coming to the big stadium in London from various countries.

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