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a dream

In University I studied Creating Literature - how to create novels, poems or essays etc. It's a very rare course in Japan at that time for most of the people think it could never be "studied" how to become a man of letters. But what I've studied there was useful, though I have never tried to be a professional writer I have made good use of my writing skill as an office worker. For years I'd done writing & editing job in the office and when I was in my twenties I have enjoyed creating stories often.
But now I belong to the wrong section in the office, and at home I have stopped writing for many years. It's not good, writing is a great way of sublimation, giving vent for our frustration or more positive energies. I know... I have known that some of the troubles I have held in my mind would be dissolved if I can write properly, yet I seem to have become too lazy to do so(sigh).
Last month a friend of mine, who is about 15 years older than me and a professional writer, happened to read a small booklet of some travel essays I have self-published many years ago and insisted that I should write more. It's a welcoming... no almost blessing encouragement for me, so since then I have thought of what I could write. It's not easy with my daily routines, especially now ... the chores about my father's passing and the rebuilding my old house project(which, I also have to rethink for the change of my family members) etc, but I still think of this "challenge".
Let's see...
Tags: thought

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