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Today I met a man who had worked with me many times in the job creating brochures and posters etc. He and his 2 colleagues showed me a new brochure which they have produced recently for a certain organization. They are a photographer, an illustrator and a director, all professional people in making the paper media, it's always great fun to talk with them about the job.

And I noticed that I could comment on the brochure very rightly - without thinking much I could find the points they should change on the next issue to make the periodical better, how to change the font or colour of the text, the layout, number of photographs etc.

It's my talent, I'm not a genius still I happen to have the sense and skill to make good paper media, I know I could do the better job than many so-called "professional" people in this job. The people I met today knew it too, so they appreciated my opinion.

But in my own job now I have little opportunity to use my skill and talent properly and no one in my office can understand what kind of talent I own.
I can't complain, this is of course my choice. despite of the many problems in my current position still this is not a bad job with decent salary, paid holidays etc, which many people would consider a very, very "lucky" one in such tough days.

But today, I don't know why but I keenly felt that I was wasting my talent every day, every minutes and... suddenly very sad about it.

Well, anyone has to make many compromises with this hard, real life. I'm OK, for I know that this "waste" is an exchange for my "lucky" situation which allows me to travel abroad every year. I just feel ... a bit depressed today.
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