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George's death

The news of the death of the last Pinta Island tortoise Lonesome George in Galapagos, yesterday, somehow shocked me. Whenever I heard about him occasionally it has seemed like that he would never die... at least for a while ... within the near future.

It's almost unbelievable to see a total extinction of one species. I know there may be many other species vanishing from this world now - yesterday, today and tomorrow maybe, but George was the symbol of those rare species, and maybe of the foolishness of us human beings drove them into the dead end and also of the conservation effort by us.

During the last few months in Japan the news of the Japanese Crested ibises - the birth of young birds and their leaving the nests in the wild for the first time after about 35 years - have attracted us very much. The Crested ibis - Toki in Japanese - was once extinct in our country but the restoration program has been carried for many years by Japan and China, and this year, at last, the ibises introduced into the wild got baby birds. This was really a rare news everyone could approve, and it made us feel happy but at the same time made us think about many things.

(the dancing 2 are the baby birds)

Thus sometimes we can recover the loss, but it's only sometimes. Most of the rare species become extinct without words of complaint, and the loss is irreparable.

Good bye, George.
And how many more species are we going to destroy from now on?

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