katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

card from Hawaii

Today I got a postcard from Hawaii. It's from my American friend who lives in California, now visiting Hawaii with her family.

I think the good point of a picture postcard is that it arrives when we never expect it. I have had no idea about her travel plan so this small card was a kind of surprise, made me think about her and how she was enjoying her stay in that beautiful place. And the fact that she has kindly thought about me on her travel when she must be enjoying the every minutes with her family touched me.
I like sending postcards to my friends when I travel abroad, usually I travel by myself so have enough time to think about them. But when I travel with someone it's sometimes difficult to find time to write a card.

I will reply to her card in near future.. not from here, maybe on my holiday trip next month. And I know when she get it she would think about me and my trip for a while.
Tags: thought

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