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Traditional festival in Kamakura

Yesterday it was a fine, warm day, the sunshine was strong and totally summer like. Now the annual rainy season has begun, a sunny weekend day was very precious so many people enjoyed outing.

I was in Kamakura with my friend and enjoyed strolling in this old Samurai capital. We visited a temporary secondhand book market, some historical buildings, small shrines etc. We walked through the narrow streets and back alleys in residential area then went to the beach.

It happened to be a festival day of an old shrine near the beach, the local people carry the portable shrines into the sea, praying for safety at sea and waterfront. They have done this over 100 years, I heard. It's a stirring sight in strong afternoon sunshine, many - this morning's local news said more than 2000 people - watched the festival on the streets and beach.

(local people carried portable shrines to the beach, and there was some Shinto ceremony.)

(they shouldered the portable shrines and walked into the water)

(beautiful afternoon sunshine)

Though I really enjoyed the festival very much (it's a rare opportunity to watch this kind of ceremony even for us Japanese) after more then one hour standing on the sand under the strong sunshine I was terribly tired last night when I came home, even today I've been very sleepy all day XD

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