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order a jewelry

Mr.Nakamura is a young jewelry designer and craftsman, mainly making silver jewelries. Since when he had made a gecko-motif earrings for me some years ago for the first time I have asked him to make the unique rings or earrings sometimes, enjoyed to wear those unique accessories.

He doesn't have his own shop but sells his jewelries on the temporary booths in the famous department stores in and around Tokyo. This week he is coming to a big department store in Yokohama to display & sell his new works. I visited him there but not to buy one of them but ask him to make another earrings for me alone :)

We talked about it for a while and he drew rough design on his sketchbook. It's a great fun to wear the jewelries I myself ordered and this process (talking, making a design...) makes me feel like I make them with the craftsman.

His jewelries are not cheap but not too expensive, I sometimes permit myself this small luxuries.
Tags: daily life

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