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Why do you run from us??

There are two rooms in my house, a carpeted room and a Japanese tatami room. My desk is in the tatami room so usually I spend most of my free time there, and Mr.Uma's cage is in the carpeted room. When I'm home I always open the door of his cage so he can go in and out anytime, can relax on the carpeted floor as he wish. Sometimes when I'm at my desk I hear the tinkle of bells in a wooden toy Mr.Uma is playing with or the small thud he lie down on the floor, then I tiptoe into the next room and pet him lying on the floor... it's really happy moments for me :)
He has often run from me when I approached him before but recently he seems to become accustomed to being with me in the same room, not mind my existence like he did before, he is generally more relaxed now.

But he is still nervous about human other than me, he goes rigid when someone comes into our room... even when it is my mother.

I feed Mr.Uma twice a day, in the morning and around 6 pm. And on weekday I usually come home after 7 pm so my mother has fed him on my behalf every workday evening for nearly one year, she loves animals very much like I do. But Mr.Uma still cannot feel easy with her, he often run into his cage when my mother is going to stroke him XD
She often complains to me about it but what can I do??? Even I, living in the same room with Mr.Uma, need nearly 8 months to get his trust so it might be harder for her.

Maybe having pet means this process of getting its trust and affection.

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