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reptile cafe

Yesterday I have spent busy hours in the office and was a bit tired. But it's Friday evening and I felt like wanting some fun, so after work I and my friend visited a "reptile cafe".

It is a small cafe serving nice Chinese tea and homemade cakes ... and there are some glass cases and aquariums in which some snakes, lizard, tortoises and geckos live. The customers can enjoy seeing them, even touching the shells of tortoises.

I'm not sure if there are another cafe like this in Japan or in other countries. I have read about this place about one years ago, the article said that the owner was a woman who loved reptiles very much.
I don't say I "love" reptiles but I rather like them so I had wanted to visit there. And it was not a strange place, just like a cafe in the zoo. When we visited most of the reptiles were sleeping but some were very active and looked rather... cute XD
We enjoyed seeing them very much, and talking with the owner was also fun.

(their tea & cake were also good)
Tags: travel/going out

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