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lost and found...

My late rabbit Mikebo, who has been dead for more than one year now, was a gentle, rather carefree bunny. She let us hold her anytime and liked to be petted by our hands or feet(!), I and my family were so accustomed with such "friendly" rabbit.

(holding Mikebo, 2010)

By contraries, her successor Mr.Uma is rather a nervous rabbit, he never let us hold him and often runs -literally "like a rabbit"- from me when I was going to stroke him even after some months since he came to our house last summer.
I cannot deny that we were a bit disappointed that we could not hold him like we did Mikebo, but we have been gradually accustomed to Mr.Uma's manner.

And it also seems that Mr.Uma has accustomed himself to the life with me, recently he often curls up under the chair -not under the table - and looks like inviting me to stroke him, or relaxedly lies on the floor very near to me. He even licked my face once when I lied by his side to pet him X)

Thus Mr.Uma has now become the inseparable part of my daily life, I just feel gratitude for this current situation.

(the maximum physical contact with Mr.Uma at present.)
Tags: mr.uma, my dear mikebo

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